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One: From the bustle of the world and the silence of our wilderness, we pause together for worship.
All: At times, we can be a grumbling people, quick to focus on the lack and the gaps.
One: Yet in love, God, you listen to our cries and provide for us.
All: Impatiently, we…

Prayers inspired by and engaging with Romans 12:1–12 and 1 Thessalonians 5:11–18

Perhaps it’s been a tough week, with frustrating hurdles or maddening disappointments. Comfort us, Lord, with your peace, to recharge and recover. Maybe it’s been an uplifting week, with bubbling joy or heartfelt triumphs. Settle us, Lord, with…

Incorporating Psalm 111

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We are called to worship God with all that we are: our whole selves, every hair on our body, every fibre of our being.
We bring before God our scars and bruises.
We carry these signs of mistakes made and hurt felt, as a confirmation of the forgiveness that we are given…

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One: In a world of unbelief, we set aside this time to connect with faith.
Two: We come carrying worries and fears, losses and dreams;
One: Ready that we may open our hearts to God’s grace.
Two: We come bearing the stresses of our week and conflicting concerns;
One: Ready that we may open…

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In this time of worship, let the colours of God’s love come alive for us.

The blue of the lakes and seas, refreshing us.
The brown of the earth, grounding us.
The orange of a blazing sunrise, uplifting us.
In worship we affirm God’s nurturing love.

The pink of a…

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While our world is a storm of trouble and grief,
in worship we find a time of calm and renewal.

We seek the courage of God’s word planted deep in our hearts;
Let us slow to hear God’s truth for us.

We seek the comfort of God’s grace, refreshing our…

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In our Easter joy, we find a God of new starts and fresh growth.
In our Easter grace, we find a God of renewal and transformation.
In our Easter faith, we find a God to carry us from darkness and despair.
In our Easter peace, we find a God to nurture us in…

Early in the morning, just after sunrise, they seek out the tomb to anoint Jesus’ body.

With each new day of possibility or challenge, we too, O God, seek out your hope.

Grieving in the garden, apprehensive and trembling, they crave comfort and healing.

In the depths of our pain, amidst fear or frustration, we too, O God, crave your peace.

Astonished by the empty tomb, reassured by the angel, they experience God in the world.

Through surprising encounters, the joy of unexpected answers, we too, O God, proclaim your love.

Bewildered and uncertain, overwhelmed yet astounded, they hear the Easter triumph: he is not here. He is risen!

The Easter triumph is ours today too, as we declare God’s victory over death: Christ is risen. Hallelujah! Praise be to God.

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One: From an empty heart to an empty home;
Two: We are hollow in a world obsessed with plenty.
One: A mind too full of doubts, a life too full of stuff;
Two: We are restless from an abundance of overwhelm.
One: Lead us by the hand, Lord, and bring us to this time…

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One: When our days hurt like a wilderness, empty of nourishment, deserted of hope;
All: You call to us with your Spirit, comforting and sustaining us.
One: If all around us, shadows loom, and our resolve is tested, our faith challenged;
All: You bless us with your presence, strengthening our hearts each day.

Gill Le Fevre

Writer, student, historian, Mom. Writing nourishes me.

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