Sunday Prayers: Acts 11:1–18

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Call to Worship:
One: We come today from different places, different moods, different mornings.
All: Some are hectic and rushed, others quiet, perhaps forlorn. Regardless, we are loved equally in God’s eyes.
One: We pray for health or happiness; some pray for strength or support.
All: We pray in joy and hope and longing, and God hears each prayer the same.
One: We worship with different voices and talents, and we lift up our hearts united in praise.
All: Each one of us is unique and beloved; together we praise God who welcomes our worship as one.

Opening Prayer:
Life-giving Father, Almighty God, you created us in your image, and with a rich diversity of character and personality. We are loud and quiet, we are excited and reserved, we are energetic and reflective. Inspire us to embrace our individuality; to give thanks for the quirks and abilities that make us who we are. Guide us to respect and value difference in each other and to appreciate the variety that makes life interesting; that makes friendship vibrant; that sparks creativity. Encourage us to love without judgment or fear, and with confidence in your eternal love for us.

Offering Prayer:
Inspiring God, grant us the power of curiosity and imagination, to see the world as you do; to look on our neighbours with love and acceptance; to welcome the stranger with warmth and generosity. Awaken our compassion to recognise the dignity and humanity within each one of your children, regardless of their creed or colour, their wealth or environment. Strengthen us with the power of the Holy Spirit.

May God’s grace awaken your soul and inspire you to see the world as God sees it. May the Holy Spirit open your heart to see the dignity and needs of others. And may the love of Christ comfort and sustain you through the days ahead. Amen.

Writer, student, historian, Mom. Writing nourishes me.

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